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Hales Government Solutions specializes in supporting state and local government agencies in reaching their goals by providing key assistance for their initiatives and bolstering operational effectiveness and efficiency. We approach projects through a data-driven and holistic approach to achieve optimal success. Talented consultants with experience in key areas provide high-quality outcomes for our clients. Together our time-tested L.I.V.E. model has garnered high levels of success for our clients; it includes:

Learn your needs

Improve outcomes and initiatives through well-developed plans, processes, and action

Visualize your path forward

Execute on your projects

HGS delivers high-impact and impressive results for our clients. We believe in excellence. We believe in you.


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Creative and Digital

From annual reports and project websites to social media marketing campaigns, we’ve got you covered 

Research and Analytics

 We are a data and research driven company. We want to ensure your organization is as well

Public Engagement

From public meetings to stakeholder engagement, let us help you build support for your program or project  

Training and Development

Our team of subject matter experts can help take your organization to the next level. We serve small to medium sized groups 



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Creative & Digital

Image is important. Whether you are presenting at a conference, developing an annual report or completely rebranding your organization; you should always put your best foot forward. We help agencies and small businesses develop and maintain strong imagery. We also help agencies navigate the murky waters of social media to connect with their constituents.

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Web Design

We don’t just build the website for you, we build the website with you. We work with you every single step of the way to ensure every single inch of your layout meets your standards 


From Social media to google analytics and everything inbetween, we will help ensure that your digital presence is robust and fruitful. We will use the power of the web to help you accomplish your mission 


From beginning to end, we can help your firm build a strong identity. We handle everything from logo design to annual report creation 



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Analytics & Research

In the 21st century, data is king. The right of use of it can be a game changer. It can take your organization from good to great!. At HGS, we believe in data driven decision making and have put together a team of brilliant data scientist to help your organization suceed.


From planning to execution, our team can help your agency quickly and efficiently survey employees or customers. Whether field based, web based or phone surveys, we have the experienced required to execute.

Focus Groups

Need to understand a target market better or find out more about an internal problem, focus groups may be the answer for you. We are experienced conducting focus group sessions.


It’s all about the numbers. From sales projections to employee surveys, our team of data scientist are prepared to dig through your numbers and provide you with the insight needed to take your organization to the next level




Grassroots Government

Grassroots Government is a principle and philosophy that governments are fundamentally more effective and efficient when they are actively engaged with their citizenry; a philosophy that public projects are more successful when governments’ are proactive in building consensus among interested parties rather than being reactive to protests against such projects.
Grassroots Government is not the traditional process of simply holding public meetings and calling it engagement. It is a full scale embrace of social media, grassroots organizing and consensus building in order to promote good governance and win the support of your constituents.

Our team brings a combination of campaign, public relations, marketing and data analysis experience that to ensure the success of your project.


Project branding, Social media strategy, earned and paid media execution  

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder identification, steering committee development, elected official and civic association engagement strategy

Public Outreach

Public meeting planning, information sharing strategy, canvassing operations, grassroots outreach, email database  

Data Analysis

Survey execution and analysis,




Past Clients

DC Housing Authority
DC Council on Aging
District Department of Employment Services
District Department of Transportation


District Department of Health
Council of the District of Columbia
DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education
DC Office of the Attorney General
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

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