The 2018 Progressive Skills and Talent Training Program (PSTTP) is a new innovative paid workforce training program that provides trainings in 3 demand industry areas for 4 weeks. Participants will spend 15 hours in class, 3 hours per day for 5 days per week. You will also have the opportunity to take an industry certification and be awarded a certificate of completion. The PSTTP program works with District of Columbia residents who would like to participate in targeted trainings. The PSTTP program provides academic, educational and counseling activities designed to supplement the training program and better prepare District residents are seeking employment in a high demand industry. Academic activities include demand industry training, test-taking and study skills and employability skills training.

The three training tracks are:
Track 1: Hospitality and Tourism
Track 2: Environmental Services
Track 3: Infrastructure

Please complete the registration information below to register. Classes will begin during the second week of September. You will receive a confirmation of enrollment email with the class location in SE DC, and hours.